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A Quick Glance At The Preparations For Making Malankara Orthodox Brides Elegant And Happy

Marriage is the divine union of two individuals made with a great promise to share their happiness, sorrow, success and failure. Anywhere in the world, we can see this basic definition of marriage. To add divinity into the new life of couples, religious traditions are followed and celebrated by the people around the world. Same is the case with an Orthodox wedding in Kerala. The customs practised in an Orthodox wedding is a true reflection of the lord’s love for the newly wedded couples. In an Orthodox wedding, it is true that Malankara Orthodox brides receive great attention, love and care from their parents, relatives and the Orthodox Church, especially from the head priest.

As a total recall to the blessings the first family received, every bride and groom in an Orthodox wedding receives unlimited love and protection from the lord. God commanded the first family of Adam and Eve to prosper and flourish; just like that, the Lord blesses every new couple at the time of their wedding and their life thereafter. For an Orthodox wedding to take place, priests follow a revised edition of the orthodox matrimony order and the ceremony of the crowning. The revision of orthodox matrimony order and the ceremony of the crowning were done by St. James of Edessa and a group of doctors. All the inspiration and contributions received by St. James of Edessa and the group of doctors was from the traditions followed by the apostolic church.

A traditional orthodox wedding is a perfect blend of rich tradition, long-standing customs, powerful beliefs and outstanding celebrations. Foods, decorations, orthodox wedding arrangements and ceremonies, have big prominence in an Orthodox wedding. But the one that receives greater attention compared to all other components in an Orthodox wedding is the ‘Malankara Orthodox brides.’ From selecting the wedding saree to how beauticians style the Orthodox brides is a great deal for their parents. Designers, hair stylists and make-up artists work in unison to style Malankara Orthodox brides in more grace and elegance. Marriage is not only a ceremony but also a union of hearts. To make orthodox brides happy, confident and pleasant is the duty of every stylist. The parents and relatives of the Orthodox brides exercise due diligence in selecting the wedding gown and saree of the orthodox brides. Same is the case with the ornament selection. Whatever ornaments and clothes they choose for the Orthodox Brides, they must not violate the orthodox traditional aspects.