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Everything you need to know about Malankara Orthodox grooms

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. To truly favour the saying, Malankara Orthodox grooms opt for a divine, pristine and ravishing wedding. Even though orthodox weddings won’t entertain modernity to take their place, most of the Orthodox grooms nowadays prefer to perform their marriage ceremony with a modern outlook. From the wedding dress to stage decorations, Orthodox weddings are a real treat for the eyes. Malankara Orthodox grooms invest their time, money and close attention to make their wedding ceremony a memorable affair.

To say about the wedding clothes of Malankara Orthodox grooms, they usually prefer a three-piece suit. But variations and modernity can be seen even in their choices for wedding clothes. When we closely analyze the selection pattern of wedding clothes for Orthodox grooms, we can understand a shift from the traditional a three-piece suit. Traditional Kurta and Mundu is the viral cloth style that most of the modern Orthodox grooms opt for their wedding. The colour choices for Kurta and Mundu are often white, off-white or even cream colour, the pastel colour of yellow. However, the penetration of modern approaches for weddings is a reality in many of the Orthodox marriages; Orthodox grooms strictly follow the traditional colour code. From the ancient times in Indian Orthodox history, Orthodox weddings use white, off-white or sometimes cream colour for their weddings outfits.

Wedding make-up and designing wedding outfits are confined not only with the brides but also the grooms. A week or two weeks before the wedding, bridegroom prepare themselves for their wedding. Some orthodox grooms even hire professional hairdressers and stylist for their weddings. The latest trends that are common in an Orthodox wedding are the mixing of traditional and modern attires and ornaments, enlarged wedding premises, addition of various food delicacies and the introduction of event and wedding planners.

To discuss the event and wedding planners for an orthodox wedding, now we are available with expert planners who have rich expertise in conducting Orthodox marriage ceremonies. The big advantage of using orthodox wedding specialist planners is that they know each and everything about an orthodox wedding. From the customs and traditions that are strictly followed by orthodox people to the type of meals to serve for an orthodox wedding, these wedding planners have immense expertise. Kerala’s event and wedding planners make into reality every groom’s wedding dreams!